Made In America


Exxel Outdoors owns and operates the largest sleeping bag factory in America, located in Haleyville, Alabama. The facility produces approximately two million sleeping bags per year, with capacity to make four million.  Currently we produce rectangular sleeping bags, made in America with imported materials. Production plans are underway to bring our mummy and shaped sleeping bag production to our Alabama factory.

With American ingenuity over the course of nearly 30 years, we have developed an exclusive manufacturing process, making our 250,000 square foot Haleyville plant the most efficient sleeping bag factory in the world. It is the only sleeping bag factory in America that can compete with Asian manufacturers. 

Exxel's U.S. factory has been featured in the press for bringing production and jobs back to America. We've been covered by the electronic outlets of CNN, Bloomberg TV News, CNBC, Fox Business News, KNBC, and print outlets of Forbes, New York Times, Outside Magazine, Sports One Source, Los Angeles Business Journal, and the Outdoor Industry Association's Outdoor Economy Report.  Additionally, Exxel's CEO Harry Kazazian attended the White House Insourcing Forum in Washington DC and has served as a guest speaker on U.S. Manufacturing at numerous live events.

Our American factory allows us to provide short lead times of one week for our retailers, and enables us to offer Just-in-Time inventory replenishment with as fast as three-day delivery.  Exxel is a significant employer in Haleyville, Alabama, and stimulates interstate commerce in the region. We provide affordable and accessible healthcare to our employees and their families.